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  • Who is My Build Sorted (MBS)?

    MBS is an independent and unbiased building brokerage service that puts your vision first, respects your budget and partners you with the right builder for your new home.

  • Does MBS renovate homes?

    Yes we do. We provide renovations from bathrooms, laundries and kitchens to large extensions. Click here to find out more.

  • Why should I choose MBS?

    You can be confident that MBS will recognise and respect you as an individual with unique wants and needs and use our significant experience, spanning the building and architectural design industries, to help define and deliver your vision.

  • How is MBS competitive?

    MBS has the advantage of obtaining multiple prices from quality builders, giving you the benefit of seeing more than one price for your build. Every plan is priced by builders who specialise in your specific style of construction, meaning that a traditional home on the flat won’t be priced by an architectural hill builder and vice versa.

    Our builders are smaller, independent builders with much lower associated operating costs and no franchise fees, which results in highly competitive pricing, compared to a larger company, where they own the plan and will present you with their price, taking away your freedom to choose who you want to work with.

  • Does MBS provide a build guarantee?

    MBS upholds the NZ Building Act 2004, which states that all residential building work is covered by implied warranties. These apply for 10 years regardless of whether you have a written contract, what the contract terms are, or the cost of your building project.

    These warranties apply automatically to all contracts for building work on a residential house, whether written or verbal. As well as the implied warranties, there is a 12-month defect repair period. If any defects in the building work emerge within 12 months of the completed build date, your builder has an obligation to fix them under the Act.

    Additional third party insurance can be purchased at the time of entering into a build contract if desired. For example, a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee (Registered Master Builders only), or a 10 year Halo Guarantee (NZ Certified Builders).

  • How many builders does MBS work with?

    MBS has access to more than 100 independent builders (and growing every day) who cover the full spectrum - from traditional to high-end architectural homes. Due diligence is a linchpin of the MBS service, so all builders are thoroughly vetted by us to ensure quality and performance and they can provide a list of referral projects and past client contact information.

  • How does MBS get paid?

    MBS works exactly the same as your mortgage or insurance broker. We are paid a fully transparent fee by the successful builder when you proceed through to an unconditional build agreement with them.

  • Why is it so important to own your plans?

    Great design shouldn’t cost more.

    Owning your own plans can save significant money because you have the freedom and flexibility to have them priced on the open market.  Group Home Builders own any plan you select from them which means only they can price them. MBS’s role is to assist you in selecting a designer and builder so that your home is designed to your specifications

  • Will MBS cost my own plans?

    Yes! We are happy to help you when you have your own plan.

  • How much can MBS save me?

    This largely depends on your personal situation and the products you choose. But normally it sits between 5% and 20%.

  • We are already dealing with a Group Home Builder, can we talk to you?

    Yes you can. We have clients who have engaged a Group Home Builder before coming to us and walked away due to cost over-runs.

  • We want to engage our own designer and/or architect, can we bring the design to you?

    Yes, we are here to work with you in any way that suits.

  • Do you work on energy efficient homes?

    We take environmental and energy efficient principles very seriously, and many of our designers and builders have the ability and experience to create these homes.

  • If we are not happy, can we walk away with no obligation?

    Yes you can, providing a building contract has not yet been signed.